Content and Social Sharing Platform

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is a story?
A. A Sup story is a visual bookmark to a piece of information on the web. We automatically create a picture and a summary with a link to the original source. It can be a video, a tweet, a website, a blog post, well, it can be anything.
Q. Where do the stories come from?
A. We are constantly monitoring the web for anything new happening near you. If we find something you might be interested in we automatically add it as a story that you can see.
Q. Can I add a story into Sup?
A. Yes. Just past the link into the add story screen which you access from the big blue button in the bottom right of the screen.
Q. Can I add a story that’s not a link?
A. Yes. Use the same screen to type (or paste) whatever text you want and tap the camera icon to add a photo or video to go with it.
Q. How do I see the latest stories?
A. Just tap the sup logo at the top of the screen.
Q. What is a channel?
A. Some users like to collect similar stories together in groups which we call channels. A channel is just a collection of stories curated by users.
Q. How do I make a channel for my stories?
A. Just use the ‘Add Channel’ screen which you can access from the big blue button at the bottom of the screen. Describe you channel and save it. You are now ready to add stories to your channel.
Q. How many channels can I have?
A. As many as you like. You can also mark some as private. Private channels can only be seen by you. Public channels can be seen by anyone.
Q. How do I add a story to a channel?
A. If the story is already in Sup, just tap the bookmark icon on the bottom left of the story card and then choose the channel you want to add it to. If you are adding the story, then choose the channel to add it to as you create the story.
Q. Will Sup suggest stories for my channels?
A. Yes, Sup monitors all the stories and when it finds a story that might fit in with your channel, it will email you a suggestion.